The Charming Gourmet

Welcome to The Charming Gourmet, where we provide an assortment of delectable gourmet style confections; custom design cakes and treats for special occasions, using fresh quality ingredients to bring you an EXTRAORDINARY dessert experience. 


Our mission is to deliver classic style favorites with a myriad of unique and exotic flavor combinations that will ignite your taste buds!

Our desserts are made with good old-fashioned integrity and care. We would love to create custom desserts designed just for you! We continuously work to expand our product line as we evolve. As always, we look forward to securing your patronage and satisfying all of your event needs.

A little more about me, The Charming Gourmet...

It all started from a place of love, right inside a momma's kitchen! Baking took her to a place of solace, where warm and happy thoughts were alive and in abundance. Beautiful visions sang sweetly inside of her head. She was convinced "THE GREATEST VOICE" gifted to her a revelation, an epiphany that would surely come to LIFE!!!!!

She danced and danced inside because more visions were bestowed upon her. When "THE GREATEST VOICE" blessed this momma with another precious gift of life, Charming, she knew a DIVINE manifestation was in the midst. Creations of art coinciding with delightful flavors began to appear. What a SWEET dream now coming to fruition. Here, The Cake Lady presents, with much joy and thanks, The Charming Gourmet.

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DISCLAIMER: While peanuts/tree nuts are NOT 

used in all products, it is IMPORTANT TO NOTE equipment used during the preparation process has been cross-contaminated at one point or another.